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 Get Social Marketing is a bespoke social media marketing agency with its focus on the global Wine and Luxury Travel industries.


We are a small, young, and dynamic agency with a 100% focus on the Wine and Luxury Travel niche markets.

With years of combined experience within the Travel and Wine Tourism Trade, we feel that we are well equipped to assist you with your social marketing campaigns and requirements.

Increasing brand awareness is a critical component of any marketing strategy, but in particular for the Wine and Luxury Travel industries where there is so much competition.

Marketing a new or existing product in today’s highly competitive environment can be a challenge to any business (new or existing).

The volatile condition of the market and a highly informed, spoilt-for-choice consumer, make marketing a specialised task. We need to ensure that you position your brand for both maximum visibility and enhanced respect amongst your consumers, clients, or guests.

Digital and Social Marketing is not just about SEO and getting high organic rankings on Google.

It is about generating sales, targeted leads, emails, and comments, and getting consumers to taste your product. For the luxury accommodation sector, it’s getting bums in beds; thus ensuring a healthy bottom line.

How can you do that? The key is creating engaging social media that is exciting and selling a lifestyle!

So why is Social Media so Effective (and necessary) in promoting Wine and Luxury Travel Products?

  • Social Media provides a direct line between you and your clients.
  • It is a highly effective tool for building brand awareness and loyalty.
  • Your social media posts reach audiences in real-time.
  • People want to “live” the experiences that you offer through social media – until they can experience them for themselves.
  • Presents you with various opportunities for building relationships.
  • Audiences want to feel connected to you.
  • Once the connection has been established, you have a supporter/fan/client for life.
  • Adds to your profit in the long run.

Smartphones make it possible for digital content to be available anytime and anywhere 24/7.

Today, mobile users spend an average of 150 minutes per day on their mobile devices and gadgets. Social Media is responsible for all those “Tech Addicts” out there! Yes people, this is a real syndrome!

Users of Social Media browse their favourite channels both out of personal and business interests.

They look for engaging content that they find relevant, educating, entertaining and useful.

Digital marketing uses a strong combination of tools that offer excellent reach and an economical price.

The future is in direct contact and sales which leads to better profit margins driven through personal and direct engagement with customers.

Ever since sharing customer experiences has become a matter of a single click, Social Media has turned into a vital source of information.

Prospective clients buy products and services based on recommendations of their friends, family and even business partners.

It is for this reason exactly why Social Media Marketing is an excellent choice for Wine Estates and Luxury Travel products to drive sales and exposure.

Wineries and Luxury Hotels / Resorts are in a unique position to engage in the social conversation around a bottle of wine or sitting around a table in a restaurant at a luxury resort.

Wine Estates and Luxury Hotels can gain customers using digital marketing tools which are more affordable and offers a wider client reach.

Don’t wait …Your link to your audience is a click away!

Sneak Peek To Our Client Portfolio:

Dr Kevin Campbells Aesthetics - Franschhoek

Dr Kevin Campbell's Aesthetics

Botulinum Toxin Dermal Filler Intravenous Therapy

Franschhoek | South Africa

Two In A Bush Organic Iced Tea Cordial

Two In A Bush Iced Tea Cordials

Home to Organic Rooibos™ Iced Tea Cordials

Franschhoek | South Africa

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Andreas Boutique Wine Estate

Home to Andreas Syrah

Wellington | South Africa

Meet the team:

Danelle Barnard - Get Social Marketing

Danélle Barnard


Johan Barnard - Get Social Marketing

Johan Barnard



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